February 2021 Issue

Issue 8 – Volume 1

Table of Contents

  • What’s the Issue?
  • Empowering Activity
  • Color of the Month
  • Craft
  • Drawing Prompt
  • Sustainable Fashion
  • Main Article
  • Recipe

What’s the Issue

Global Warming, and What You Can Do to Help

Tremendous mounds of ice float steadily on the deep blue surface of the ocean. The way the sunlight makes the face of the glaciers sparkle seems almost magical. The shades of white gradually descend into darker hues of blue in every crevice of the glacier. The sublime view enchants you, and you make a promise to revisit the icebergs again.

15 years pass.

You eagerly arrive at the same spot. You can’t wait to see the hills of glimmering snow again. But as you look out into the distance, you can only make out one lonely pile of ice in a vast, empty ocean. You look down and notice that the ground that you are standing on is farther inland than it was before. You had heard of glaciers melting before, but you never expected such massive forms of ice to melt in so little time.

390 billion tons of glaciers melt away every year. All the glaciers melt into the ocean, causing it to rise at a rapid rate. This can further result in excessive erosion, irregular weather patterns, and even submerging land. All of these things are caused by the infamous phenomenon: global warming. Global warming is the unnatural rate at which the Earth’s average temperature has been rising over the past century. It is being accelerated by humans burning fossil fuels that release natural gases into the atmosphere. The more our population continues to depend on nonrenewable, harmful sources as a means of energy, the more the effects of global warming will be felt.

From: climate.nasa.gov

The first way to help curb the effects of global warming is to look into using sustainable energy sources. Find companies that use renewable resources to create electricity. You can also research electric cars too. If you are not looking for a car though, you could try to find the cleanest possible gas to fuel your car.

While it is important to look for more renewable sources of energy, it is equally important to save the energy that you are using right now. Turn off the lights when you do not need to use them, turn off running water while you are brushing your teeth or washing your hands, change your regular incandescent lightbulbs to less energy-consuming CFL bulbs. It also doesn’t hurt to turn off your electrical devices as much as possible.

Another way to help with this ongoing issue is to consume fewer animal products and heavily processed foods. Consuming fewer animal products can help cut down on the amount of methane being produced by animals like cows. While eating natural foods helps reduce excessive energy costs used to make more processed foods. Eating a more natural and plant-based diet can also help you feel like you have more energy too!

There are so many ways we can work together to help slow the increasing temperature of our planet. If you want to look more into ways you can help you can check out this article! Together, we can help get the Earth back on track!

Empowering Activity

Writing Valentines With Your Friends

Get on a Google Meet, FaceTime, or Zoom call with your friends. The more the merrier! Then, take some time to write what you love about one person and share it with everyone on the call. Take turns writing and sharing valentines about your friends and make them smile! This is a great way to spend time with your friends, celebrate virtually, and make everyone (including yourself) feel so much better!

Color of the Month

The Color of the Month is Mint Green. I Decided to Pair it with Lilac.

This color combination is definitely more on the unique side. The light shade of green and purple give this combination a delicate and calming look. You can use this color combination as inspiration for your outfits, photos, and drawings this month.


Clay Roses

Get into the Valentine’s Day spirit by making some beautiful clay or Play-Doh roses. These are easy to make and look very impressive. All you need for this craft is some clay or Play-Doh of different colors if you want to make multiple roses. I found making these very calming and fun. We would love to see your finished craft! You can email them to us at sandazine@gmail.com!

Step 1

Roll your clay into balls. They don’t all need to be the same size. In fact, it is actually a good idea to have them vary so you can make the flower look more realistic. Make sure to order the balls from smallest to largest in size.

Step 2

Now squash the balls into petal shapes like this.

Step 3

Take the smallest petal and roll it up into a visible spiral shape. This will act as the center of the flower.

Step 4

Now begin to add on the rest of the petals all around the centerpiece. Add the smaller petals on first. When adding on the petals, be sure to curl them slightly outwards on the top so that they are visible on the finished rose. If you are using clay, follow the instructions on the box for how long to let it dry or bake.

Drawing Prompt

Try Drawing In a More Realistic Style

For this month’s drawing prompt, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and draw in a more realistic style. In the drawing below, I drew a strawberry with chocolate dripping off of it but you can draw whatever you want! We would love to see your finished drawings! You can send them to us at sandazine@gmail.com! and with your permission, we will feature your drawing in our next issue of the magazine!

Sustainable Fashion

An Outfit Styled With tentree

Tentree is a sustainable fashion brand that plants 10 trees for every item purchased from them. As of February 1, 2021, they have planted 52,271,821 trees. By 2030, they plan to have planted 1 billion trees They use sustainable materials to create their clothing and make an effort to have a small carbon footprint. Their employees make products in fair and safe working conditions.

Constellation Juniper Hoodie$55.20

(The picture to the side is of the hoodie in their blue color option.)

Main Article

How to Stay Organized

Being organized takes practice, but it’s definitely a rewarding skill to have. There are many different ways to organize things, and some methods work better for certain people, it is all about finding what suits you. For example, organizing materials based on color is very easy and beneficial to us. However, some people prefer ordering things alphabetically. In this article, we will explain different ways to stay organized, and what system of organization works best for what items.

As we already mentioned, one way to organize things is by color. This works best for things that come in a multitude of different colors like clothes, art supplies, and folders (or other stationery items). It is visually appealing to organize things in groups of the same colors and it is easy to remember. Organizing your items in the order of the rainbow (ROYGBIV) is a great way to not only have your workspace look neat, but it is also a good standard of organization to have if you were to want to organize another set of items by color.

Another way to organize your belongings is by their importance. For example, if you are creating a to-do list, write the things that are top priority first. This method of organization is best for things that you are currently working on or things that you will be working on soon. We use this for our work and have found it to be very beneficial.

Organizing items chronologically is also an important technique to consider. You can use this to organize things that you want to remember like photos, old projects, and drawings. This method allows you to see how you improved in your interests. Keeping our old drawings in order from oldest to newest let us recognize the progress we made. Make sure to write the date on your belongings so that you can order them and make some memories!

Organization is something that can benefit anyone! Finding different ways to categorize items is a great way to keep your space tidier, more manageable, and more efficient. Figure out what is easier for you to order and remember, and you will be more organized in no time!


Simple, but Delicious Tacos

This is by far my favorite taco recipe and I hope to make it again and again. Since it has only a few ingredients, it’s more like a quesadilla rather than a taco, but I like to call it a taco because it is made with ingredients that you would typically find in one. Although this is a very basic recipe, all of its different flavors work together to make a delicious taco. If you try our recipe, make sure to let us know how it turned out! You can email us at sandazine@gmail.com!


  • 1/4 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
  • 1/4 cup shredded Mozzarella (or cheddar) cheese
  • 1 tortilla
  • 2 tablespoons of refried beans
  • 1-2 tablespoons of sour cream
  • 1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon of ground cumin
  • A dash of paprika


  1. Spread the refried beans on one half of your tortilla and spread the sour cream on the other half of the tortilla
  2. Evenly sprinkle on the Parmesan and Mozzarella cheeses
  3. Add the spices by sprinkling them on the taco
  4. Microwave for 30 seconds (Required microwave time may differ depending on what microwave you have.)
  5. Enjoy!

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