We created this magazine together in a way that inspires our readers to be creative and kind.

About Us

Hello, I’m Shreya, a co-editor of S&A Magazine. I would say that I am unique and very thoughtful. I love to dance, play with my beagle, and experiment with my drawing style! I also like hanging out in my room and writing stories, songs, and poems.

​Hi, I’m Audrey, the other co-editor of S&A Magazine. I’m creative and imaginative. I love to draw and write songs and stories in my free time. Other than that, I like to relax and spend time with my cat and puppy.

We created S&A Magazine in April of 2020. First, it was just an idea, but then we realized that we really enjoyed the process of making content to inspire others, so we continued making our issues. Our goal is to make our magazine something that not only we enjoy making, but also something that others enjoy reading. We hope that our magazine inspires you to create kindness!

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Email us at sandazine@gmail.com

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What is Create Kindness?

We came up with the phrase “Create Kindness” as our slogan for S&A Magazine when it was first launched in 2020 and we quickly realized that those words were able to almost exactly describe the purpose of our magazine. We want our readers to be inspired not only by our art and photography, but we want them to be kind, something that isn’t valued as much as it should be in today’s society.

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