In this post, you’ll find some behind-the-scenes photos and drawings from our January 2021 Issue of S&A Magazine!

Issue 7 Cover

For each issue of volume 1 of S&A Magazine, we draw the cover using different shades of one color. The colors of the covers go in rainbow order, and this month’s color was indigo! Here is a small glimpse into our editing process.

Craft Extras

Here are the paints used for the craft (You can buy them at And below are some of the paintbrushes used for the craft. (I also used a tray so I didn’t get paint on the floor)

Color of the Month Extras

Below is the setup for the images found in the January issue’s color of the month section.

For all our drawings we use the art apps Ibis Paint X and Procreate which are both digital art apps where you can draw and paint. For our photos in the magazine, we usually just use phones.

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