January 2021 Issue

Issue 7 – Volume 1

Table of Contents

  • What’s the Issue?
  • Empowering Activity
  • Color of the Month
  • Craft
  • Drawing Prompt
  • Sustainable Fashion
  • Main Article
  • Recipe

What’s the Issue?

You are Gorgeous! Here’s Why:

Quick! Name three things you want to change about your appearance! How long did that take you? Did it take 3 seconds, 30 seconds, or maybe even longer than that? Either way, it probably was fairly easy to come up with things that you do not like about yourself. This is a serious issue!

Low self-esteem and poor body image are things that virtually everyone has struggled with from a very young age. We are constantly being told that only one specific look can be seen as beautiful. The problem with this is that there are countless different ways that people look, and no one can exactly fit the narrow idea of what an “attractive person” should look like. There is not a right or wrong looking person! Unfortunately, this sentiment is being overlooked in the unrealistic need to possess specific features.

It can be almost impossible to ignore the commercials, opinions, and products that pressure you into wanting to alter your appearance. However, through positive reinforcement, you can start to feel more comfortable with your body. The first thing you should tell yourself is that you are you! This is how you are supposed to look, and that in and of itself is beautiful! Having a bigger nose, stretch marks on your skin, and thinner lips are all part of simply being human!

Another way to help yourself feel more confident is to think about the function of a body part instead of the way it may look. For example, if you feel bad about your teeth being crooked, try to think about how they help you chew your food and eat. Our body parts are made to help keep us alive, and not necessarily to look attractive. Almost every part of our bodies helps play a part in our survival, so why feel ashamed about how they appear?

It is also important to remember that you are not alone! Even if you feel like the way you look is abnormal, just know that there are many people who share similar characteristics as you! Like we said previously, there are many different physical traits that people can have, so try to embrace what makes you different! Your appearance is part of you, so be kind to yourself and respect your body!

Body image issues are something that everyone has or currently is struggling with. Keep in mind that thinking of yourself in a negative way is not helpful. You have to try to find the positive things about yourself to truly appreciate your body!

Empowering Activity

Setting a Reasonable Resolution for the New Year

Setting a new year’s resolution can definitely be difficult but a new year is like a blank slate–a perfect opportunity for you to start from scratch, which is why it is good for you, and your well-being to set a reasonable resolution.

Start by asking yourself, What do I want to accomplish this year? What skills do you think you would enjoy but haven’t mastered yet? What are you interested in?

Once you’ve come up with your resolution, (ie: taking a walk every day) make a goal tracker that will keep you motivated. Your goal tracker doesn’t have to be fancy. It can just be a piece of paper where you make a tally or add a sticker when you’ve taken one step in your goal. If you don’t want to make a goal tracker, you can buy this Goal Tracker from Gather Goods Co.

Setting a resolution can really help you feel better and more accomplished, and we hoped that this helped you set a reasonable resolution for the new year!

Color of the Month

The month color of the month is dark blue. I decided to pair it with light green.

The light green color really compliments the dark blue, giving this color combination a vibrant and cool look. Feel free to use these colors as inspiration for your future drawings, photos, and outfits this month!


2020 Memory Board

What You Will Need

  • A primed canvas
  • Watercolor or acrylic paints
  • Some paintbrushes
  • Glitter (If you want to make the canvas extra sparkly!)
  • Your favorite photos and trinkets from 2020
  • Glue

Step 1

Paint a cool design on your canvas. (I painted rainbow stripes!)

Step 2

Find some of your favorite photos from 2020.

Step 3

Make a label for your memory board with the year on it.

Step 4

Glue on all your photos and trinkets! (I used a mask as one of my memories because the pandemic was definitely something memorable from this year.)

Drawing Prompt

Draw a Picture by Only Using Dots

This is a great way to make your drawings more interesting and to test your patience! But seriously, it is a very repetitive activity so I recommend giving yourself some extra time to relax while you draw. I drew something more simple, but you could spend as much time as you want to create something really impressive. We would love to see YOUR finished drawings! Send us your picture to sandazine@gmail.com to have your drawing featured on our website and the next issue with your permission!

Sustainable Fashion

A Classic and Elegant Winter Outfit

For this month’s sustainable fashion section, we have compiled a classic and elegant winter outfit from the following businesses;

Christy Dawn- Christy Dawn is a Sustainable fashion brand devoted to honoring mother earth- hence their slogan; Honoring Mother Earth. Everything you buy from Christy Dawn is handmade and is made from repurposed fabric. Most of the clothing at Christy dawn is made to look vintage but also whimsical at the same time. Plus, everything at Christy Dawn is designed, cut, and sewn in their 12,000 square foot warehouse in Los Angeles. You can shop from Christy Dawn Here.

Madewell– Madewell gets all their clothing from sustainably sourced materials and fair trade materials. Madewell also recycles old denim that they cannot sell anymore. You can shop online at Madewell Here.

Everlane- Everlane makes sure that all their clothes last for a long time and that everything they make is sustainably sourced. Everlane is committed to keeping the earth clean by helping reduce its carbon footprint. And by 2021, Everlane hopes to have removed all of the plastic from the clothes that they make. You can shop online at Everlane Here.

Vintage Hair Clip from Christy Dawn – $28

Classic Pink Pants from Madewell – $30

Classic Black Long Sleeve Shirt from Everlane – $22

Main Article

How to Stay Optimistic and Hopeful for the New Year!

2020 was overall a horrible year, and I think we can all agree! Because of the pandemic forcing everyone inside their homes, nothing very remarkable came out of last year. This is exactly why it is so important to stay optimistic and hopeful for 2021 so that it doesn’t turn out like 2020 did!

Above: It’s good to get outside every once in a while. So why not set a goal to go outside more often?

First of all, it is important to note that just because it is 2021, it does not mean that COVID-19 is no longer a threat. It is important to respect our communities by still following safety precautions, like wearing a mask and social distancing. But that does not take away from being able to try to make this year productive and joyful!

Although it may seem like things could not get much worse, you have to remember that you are not alone. Everyone has been impacted by the consequences of COVID-19. In fact, there are many people who are still severely struggling with issues from even before COVID spread. It is important to remind yourself of what you do have and to be grateful for those things. When you appreciate what you have more, the things you may have lost seem a bit less discouraging.

You should also try to stay creative in order to come up with more ways to express yourself and to interact with others in a safe way. Being creative can mean a lot of different things. You can be creative by thinking outside of the box. This could help you come up with ideas on how to spend time with your loved ones. For example, instead of meeting up in person at your house and potentially spreading the virus, you could find a cool new spot to have a socially distanced picnic. Creativity can also mean expressing yourself and spending time making something new. You can achieve this by practicing your hobbies and following your interests.

Everyone has probably felt unmotivated while quarantining. But it is essential that you do not let those apathetic feelings control your year. Staying ambitious and creating goals for yourself can help guide you into making 2021 a productive year. Believe it or not, the process of making helpful goals is very specific. You should take some time to form goals so that you can challenge yourself to do things that are more productive for you specifically. Creating realistic and measurable short term and long term goals can really benefit your well-being.

Although it might be hard at times, you should remember to stay positive, creative, and ambitious. Let’s make 2021 better than 2020. Happy New Year!


Herb Salad

With the beginning of a new year, it is a good idea to find and try some delicious and clean new recipes! This herb salad is a perfect dish! From the mix of different greens and herbs, to the filling addition of fruits and vegetables, you are sure to never think of salads as boring, tasteless meals again! This is actually a recipe that the editors of S&A Magazine have tried and loved time and time again, so we cannot wait to see what our readers think!


  • 3 cups spring mix greens
  • 1 cup basil
  • 1/2 cup cilantro
  • 1/4 cup chopped cabbage
  • 1/2 broccoli
  • 1 avocado
  • 1/2 cup berries
  • 1/4 cup cherry tomatoes
  • A few crushed tortilla chip pieces
  • Some seeds and nuts of your choice
  • 1 tbsp dressing
  • A splash of citrus (lemon or lime juice)


  1. Chop up the basil and cilantro and add it into the bowl of the spring mix greens. Toss it well.
  2. Chop the cabbage, broccoli, avocado, and cherry tomatoes. Set everything except the cabbage aside. Toss the cabbage into the greens.
  3. Now toss in the broccoli, avocado, berries, cherry tomatoes, tortilla chips, nuts, and seeds.
  4. Then drizzle on your dressing of choice and squeeze on some lemon juice. Serve and enjoy!

Thanks for reading S&A Magazine!

Questions or Comments? Email them to sandazine@gmail.com or fill out the contact form on our website! We’d love to hear your feedback! Happy New Year from Shreya and Audrey!