In this post, you’ll find some behind-the-scenes/extra drawings and photos from the February 2021 Issue of S&A Magazine! We hope you enjoy this small inside look at how we make our issues!

This is a photo from the main article. We decided to use stationary as examples of things to organize.

Here are some pictures of the flowers that I used to decorate the taco for this month’s recipe.

This photo was from the first time I made clay flowers. You can find how to make these in our craft section of issue 8.

I decided to use some old tab dividers I had as a background for the final photos in the magazine.

This is a spare card I made for the empowering activity section. I decided to make 6 different cards that made up the colors of the rainbow. However, on my last color, I ended up making a second purple card that didn’t necessarily fit the theme. So, I put it here!

The photo on the top was used as a reference for my digital painting of an iceberg. The drawing was part of the What’s the Issue? section. Using a reference is a great way to get a sense of what your drawing should look like. It’s also a good way to help guide you if you are drawing something that you are not used to, like an iceberg. 😉

Thanks for reading S&A Magazine!

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