S&A Magazine Issue 10 – Behind the Scenes

In this post, you will find some extra behind-the-scenes photos and drawings from this month’s issue. We hope you enjoy this look at what the co-editors of S&A Magazine are doing behind the scenes!

Table of contents

  • Cover Extras
  • What’s the Issue? Extras
  • Empowering Activity Extras
  • Color of the Month Extras
  • Craft Extras
  • Drawing Prompt Extras
  • Sustainable Fashion Extras
  • Main Article Extras
  • Recipe Extras



The two covers on the left are the versions of the cover that weren’t used

What’s the Issue?


Before tracing this drawing digitally, I made a rough sketch on paper. (Pictured on the left.)

Empowering Activity


I took pictures of my journal right next to a window where the lighting was ideal for capturing the colors and details. The second photo shows the supplies I used for my journal.

Color of the Month


Below are a few photos from the color of the month that weren’t used in the main issue



Here is a picture of what I used for the background in the photos of this month’s craft section. It is a case that I store my art supplies in. I knew I wanted to use it as a background for my photos because of the beautiful rainbow design it had. I saved it for this month’s issue because it matched the cover and headings very nicely.

Drawing Prompt


The photo on the left is the reference photo I used when drawing the sunflower shown on the right. (I didn’t take the reference photo, I found it online here.)

Sustainable Fashion


This drawing was going to be used in the final issue, but I decided to fix up the colors and a few other things.

Main Article


To take the photo of the lightbulb that’s in the main article, I used a lightbulb and yellow construction paper. (Pictured on the left)



Here are some extra photos from this month’s macaroni & cheese recipe.

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