Four Ways to Celebrate Fourth of July

Unfortunately, this year most fireworks are canceled due to coronavirus and you can’t have a 4th of July party. Here’s what you can do to make this 4th of July a great and memorable one!

  1. Set up a movie in your back yard!

If you have a projector, place it on a table in your yard near a plug (or you can use an extension cord) and put up a sheet on the side of your house if you don’t have a projector screen. Then, you can watch a movie!

2. Make your own decorations!

Decorations always add a little pop to the holiday! Make a DIY garland or make signs to put around your yard showing your spirit!

3. Make food!

There’s nothing better than food on holidays, so get out your baking supplies! Try making “marbled” red white and blue sugar cookies using a toothpick to marble the colors together in the icing. (Recipe from Or you can make cake using festive colors!

4. Have fun styling festive outfits!

Dress for the occasion wearing red, white, and blue! Overalls with a red t-shirt underneath look cute with white accessories top off the look!

We hoped these ideas and tips helped you have a great fourth of July! Stay safe!

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